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Flylady’s Rubba Scrubba

We recently went to a farm for a picnic and of course…it started raining!  We still enjoyed ourselves but things got a little muddy. The inside of the car was a mess! I was dreading having to clean everything. Today was a sunny day so I thought I would just hose the shoes down on the driveway but it didn’t really work too well. There was still mud and grass stuck to the bottoms of the shoes. I used my hands a little bit but that was kind of gross!  I tried a rag which just seemed to smear everything around. Then I remembered I had this rubba scrubba brush that I ordered from http://www.flylady.net

I scrubbed the shoes under running water and it was great because the rubba scrubba is gentle enough that I wasn’t worried about ruining the shoes and it did the job of getting the mud off. I would recommend having one (or 2 or 3 even) around the house. I think there are endless uses for it. 

Image ImageImage